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We want to connect... 
the diverse histories along the Cohansey River watershed from the City of Bridgeton to the Delaware Bay, and encourage appreciation of the ecosystems that bind nature and culture together in the South Jersey region.
....In a world at risk of slowly losing its unspoilt natural places, the Cohansey RiverFest  celebrates one of its most beautiful survivors: the Cohansey Watershed region--an ancient snake of wetlands and historic/pre-historic settlements from Bridgeton to the Delaware Bay--still holding on to the riches of the natural and social/cultural ecology of western Cumberland County, New Jersey.

...the Cohansey RiverFest highlights the character and resources of this unique place--its city & countryside, river & land--its foodways, arts, crafts, nature and culture and extraordinary quality of life.

We want to bring people from everywhere, but especially from nearby metro-areas, to see what richness is here to protect, preserve and enjoy--among the historic, recreational and ecotourism opportunities of Cumberland County.
our goals are to...
enhance regional public image, build greater economic self-sufficiency, and promote the preservation & good stewardship of our astonishing richness of cultural, heritage, natural, agrarian and marine resources.

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saturday, august 22, 2015
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Bridgeton Main Street
59  EAst Commerce St.
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
c/o Carola Hartley, Director
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